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A collection of tools for University of Waterloo students, by University of Waterloo students.

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A mobile app that gives students personalized practice quizzes for all their courses
Author: Deon Nicholas, Volodymyr Lyubinets

UW Menu

Weekly menus for the University of Waterloo's on-campus eateries.
Source code: GitHub

UW Parking

A simple android app for UWaterloo students to found out about current parking space of each parking lot among the campus
Author: Jason Feng
Source code: Github

UWaterloo Subreddit

News from around campus and other discussions.

wat do?

A web utility that allows you to easily manage assignments and due dates.
Source code: github


WatApps is an unofficial Android App created by UW staff and students with partial funding from Google.
Source code: Waterloo


Android app that keep track of your WatCard balance and transaction history. Replacement for UWallet. More features. Better design.
Download: Google Play
Source code: github

Waterloo GPS

Android app which finds the shortest path between two floors in two buildings on campus that does not go outside. Created at EngHack 2013.
Download: EDTALKS.apk
Source code: Fork me on Github

Waterloo Tools

A collection of tools for University of Waterloo students made by other students.
Source code: github


WatMine is a Chrome extension which performs several functions. Notable ones include auto-login to all CAS sites including LEARN,, and JobMine. One-click WatCard and XAS balances with low balance alerts. One-click LEARN activity list from the Chrome toolbar and the option to expand LEARN pages to fill the screen
Author: Mark Furneaux
Download: WatMine

You Want Food

Displays which food outlets are currently open, their hours and menu. Signup to receive the daily menu by email.
Source code: GitHub

Course Selection

Bird Courses

Looking for easy marks?


ClassM8 allows you to import your schedule, and search around for other courses so you can mess around with courses in your timetable in a very easy way. When you've finally made your perfect timetable, you can go to quest and swap your courses with the ones you chose on ClassM8. ClassM8 doesn't actually do any course swapping for you, it just provides an easy to use interface so you don't have to have 3 tabs open anymore.
Author: Andrei Serban
Source code: github


A uwaterloo course based app. Add your courses, view your calendar, switch to whichever section you want and be ready for all your exams and customized reminder.
Author: Jason Feng
Source code: github

Quest Schedule Exporter

Helps export your class schedule so you can use it with Google Calendar, a mobile calendar application or anything else that uses the iCalendar format.
Source code: github

Quest Schedule Exporter (JS Webapp)

Helps export your class schedule so you can use it with Google Calendar, a mobile calendar application or anything else that uses the iCalendar format.
Author: Stephen Li
Source code: github

UWaterloo AddCourse

A Python package and script that lets you continuously query QUEST to add you into a particular course. No longer do you have to get up at an obscure time to get the course you want. Now just run the handy script and let it run over night or all day on your laptop while you can go eat spam and eggs at one of the university's fine culinary establishments.
Author: Kieran Colford
Source code: github

UWaterloo Course Notifier

A web app used for querying courser schedule and set email alerts for courses. Beautiful interface than Course schedule page.
Author: Honghao Zhang
Source code: GitHub

uWaterloo Schedule Exporter (Chrome plugin)

Export your University of Waterloo class schedule directly from Quest.
Author: Baraa Hamodi


A chrome extension that allows you to export your University of Waterloo class schedule to your calendar. Unlike other extensions, WatCal exports your class schedule through the course enrollment results page (instead of the class schedule page) by fetching the class schedule data from UWaterloo's Open Data API.
Author: Jay Ching Lim
Source code: Github


A better presentation for course information and draggable UI for course arrangement. And of course, it will help you find a non-conflicting schedule. All data pulled from UwaterlooAPI.
Author: Darin Yu
Source code: Github


Chrome extension for Quest Schedule Exporter. Will save you seconds!
Author: Jiazhou Li
Source code: Github


Rate My Co-op Job

With this site you can see what other students think of their past co-op experiences and use that info to find the best position for you. At the end of the day we just want to help you find the most awesome co-op job ever!
Author: Rate My Co-op Job Team

UW Info Session (iOS app)

UWaterloo Info Session is an unofficial iOS app used by students at University of Waterloo to query updated employer information sessions. Never look up the info session calendar again!
Download: App Store

WaterlooWorks Azure

Azure is the best extension to enhance your experience of WaterlooWorks.
Authors: Zijian Shao

WaterlooWorks Now

Adds disruptive and innovative features to WaterlooWorks, improving its UI/UX.
Authors: Gurpreet Gill, Peyman Gardideh, Neil Lohana
Source code: Github



Chrome extension to prevent desire2learn from logging you out when you are not looking. d2lmtfa stands for Desire To Leave Me The F*ck Alone. Warning: This may or may not be in a working state right now...
Source code: github


d2d is a tool to download all of the content from the University of Waterloo's new learning management system which uses Desire2Learn instead of the old Angel based UWACE.
Source code: github


A greasemonkey script that prevents uWaterloo's Desire2Learn from logging you out automatically.
Source code: github


doGRT - GRT Bus Schedule

Look up the bus stop schedule for KW region, On, Canada. | Rotate your phone to browse all the stops on map | Locate the stops near you on the fly | View a route's path by tapping on a schedule time | Online update for new schedule | Native iPad and iPhone 5 support
Author: Greg Wang
Download: App Store
Source code: Github

Grand River Transit

Android app to tell you when the next bus is coming.
Author: Giles Malet

Grand River Transit (web app)

A mobile-friendly web application with tools for finding nearby stops and next buses, viewing route maps, and more! Works on most major desktop and mobile browsers.
Author: Jason Li

GRTransit Android app

An app for Android that displays bus route and stop information, as well as bus times.
Author: Giles Malet
Download: Play store
Source code: github

Class Helpers


It will automatically format your C++ closer to the slightly-quirky format used in CS343 ~cs343/CPPCodingGuidelines.shtml
Author: balasanjay
Source code: Github

George +

New features include Syntax Highlighting, Code Folding, In-Browser storage, Proof Auto-renumbering (type ")" on a new line), Auto-complete, Code snippets (type "a{")
Author: Ted Ying, Akash Sant, Allen Wang

Marmo UI

MarmoUI is a greasemonkey/userscript that improves the interface and functionality of the Marmoset submit server so you have less of a pain using it! This includes an overall UI improvement with better colors and formatting of information, auto retrieval of latest submission results for display, and auto reload for submissions waiting to be tested. Also has a quick submission box for easier submissions.
Author: Shida Li
Author 2: Erica Xu
Download: MarmoUI
Source code: on Github

Marmoset CLI

This package provides both a command line script for interacting with Marmoset and a Python package to write programs/scripts that can interact with Marmoset.
Author: Ford Peprah
Download: Marmoset CLI
Source code: on Github

Marmoset Plus

Greasemonkey script to improve the Marmoset user experience.
Author: Vikrem
Source code:

Math 135

This is a handy little app that allows students to easily look-up important algebraic propositions for the Math-135 course at the University of Waterloo.
Author: Vikas Joshi
Download: Play Store
Source code: GitHub

uC++ Sublime Highlighting

An extension for Sublime Text that highlights uC++, the language used in CS343.
Author: Philip Duncan
Source code: Github


A LaTeX document class to make you life easier when writing work term reports for the University of Waterloo. The latest and most popular fork is at
Author: Casey Banner
Source code: github


WATisRain (Android)

WATisRain is an Android app to help you navigate the buildings of the University of Waterloo without going outside (ie, by going through the various tunnels between buildings). This may prove to be useful when it's raining outside, or if it's freezing cold.
Author: Bai Li
Source code: github

WATisRain (iOS)

WATisRain is an iOS app to help you navigate the buildings of the University of Waterloo without going outside (ie, by going through the various tunnels between buildings). This may prove to be useful when it's raining outside, or if it's freezing cold.
Author: Bai Li
Source code: github


Weatherloo fetches and displays data from the University of Waterloo Weather Station (

Weatherloo - Chrome extension

A simple chrome extension that displays weather and 7-day forecast information. Boasting a beautifully clean user interface, Weatherloo uses the UW Weather Station and OpenWeatherMap to satisfy your weather needs.
Author: Neivin Mathew
Source code: Github


UW Engineering Student Guide

A collection of tips, resources, and services around Waterloo to help students succeed in University. If you are a senior, please contribute.

Waterloo-USA Intern Guide

If you are considering a co-op term in the US, or are preparing for one, make sure you read this! If you just finished one, please contribute.
Source code: github

What I Wish I Knew for the Design Project

Having completed their design projects, the 2012 class of Software Engineering gave an informal presentation on Thursday to share their experiences.
Author: SE2012 / SE 2014
Source code: github


University of Waterloo API

Official University of Waterloo API
Author: Kartik Talwar

uWaterloo API Python Module

Thin Python wrapper for the University of Waterloo Open Data API at Install using `pip install uwaterlooapi`
Source code: BitBucket

Waterloo Region Python Group

Website for the Waterloo Regional Python users group.
Source code: BitBucket



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